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This is just the Spice! For all of our friends who prefer to make their own version of a chai, but don't want to navigate the balancing of various spices -we've got you!

We have taken the guess work out of the spices and blended them to perfection just for you. 

Create your own irresistible chai at home! Grab your favorite creamy base whether that's oat milk or whole milk it's all up to you. Then add a teaspoon or two of the spice blend to 4oz of hot water and sweeten your blended perfection with your favorite honey, sugar or alternative sweetener. That's it!

P.S. you can even add a little espresso/coffee to create your very own dirty chai! The options are limitless!

You can make approximately 10 cups of chai with this spice blend. 

Reminder, this is not like our traditional instant blends. This Spice Blend does not contain any form of creamer (dairy or coconut), and no sweeteners. 

Organic Natural Flavor), Organic Black Tea Powder, Organic Ground Cinnamon, Organic Ground Ginger, Organic Ground Nutmeg, Organic Ground Allspice, Organic Ground Cardamom, Organic Vanilla Powder, Organic Ground Cloves